Xing - Majestic Lion 天狮

L.P Heng Wat KhaoDin

Xing, a mythical animal, which has always appeared in Indian and South East Asia mythology, is a Sanskrit language. This animal has a masculine look and a majestic feature of a powerful lion. Lion has always been an emblem of valor and energy - the indispensable complements of wisdom. According to legend, its appearance would bring good luck, prosperity, peace and harmony to the country and its people. In fact, a country was named after this animal. It was believed that in late 14th century, a prince while sailing pass an island, saw to his surprise saw an animal looking like the legendary Xing scrolling along the beach. He was very delighted by this sighting and thus named this island Singapura - Lion city which is now called Singapore.

Xing is the guardian of Buddhist Temples and therefore it could often been seen as a pair guarding at the entrance of a Bot, warding off demons and evil spirit. Sometimes it is also regarded as QiLin 麒麟 - the auspicious Chinese unicorn, especially by the Thai Chinese. The picture on the right is a very rare QiLin talisman, and it is made by the great Guru Acharn Heng PlyWan of Ayuthaya.

There are 2 kinds of Xing, RajaSi, the normal one and KojaSi, the Xing with additional pair of elephant tusk or sometimes with a trunk.

Luang Phor Heng of Wat KhaoDin and his great student Luang Phor Derm of Wat Nong Po in Nakhon Sawan are the top makers of Xing. Other great masters who's Xing are also very popular among the collectors are:


  1. Acharn Heng PlyWan of Ayuthaya
  2. Luang Phor Boon of Wat KlangBangKaeo, Nakhon Pathom
  3. Luang Phor Lod of Wat BangNamwon, Samut Sakhon
  4. Luang Phor Kan of Wat KhaoKaeo, Nakhon Sawan ( L.P. Derm's junior)
  5. Luang Phor Hom of Wat SakMak, Rayong (Disciple of L.P. Derm)

Xing is believed to charged with the energy of

  1. Authority
  2. Protection
  3. Prevention of "Xiaoren" or back stabbers
  4. Warding off negative forces
  5. Good luck
  6. Prosperity
  7. Great Confidence
  8. Strength of going thru obstacles in life


L.P. Derm Wat NongPo

L.P. Hom Wat SakMak

L.P. Rod Wat BangNamwon