Takrud - Sacred Scroll 符管

Luang Phor Nguen - Wat BangKlang, Pijit 10.5cm

Sacred mantras, diagrams, pictures or magical words that were inscribed on a piece of metal, palm leaf, wood, ivory, tiger skin, bone or other uncommon material are called Takrud. After it has been written, it will be consecrated by the master himself thru special session. It is then normally rolled into a tube form with center empty, sometimes both end are sealed and rings are tied over it. Takrud is not that conspicuous, easy to carry and conceal. It is always hung over the neck, tied around the waist or kept in the pocket, and therefore favoured and worn by many top and senior army, police personnel and serious collector. Takrud made by famous monk are very rare and even harder to find than amulets.

Collectors who favour Takrud for the following reasons:

  1. Hand written
  2. More effort in making
  3. Require more concentration
  4. Produce only in limited quantity
  5. Very personal and special
  6. It is easily concealed and not easily been noticed by others


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