Rahu Om Chan - Voracious Eater 饕餮

By L.P. Noi Wat Sisathong

Tian Gou Tun Yue"(天狗吞月)or the story of the celestial dog swallowing the Moon is a well- known mythology to all Chinese. The Thais refer to this as “Rahu Om Chan". The Thai mythology is delivering this as a celestial demon, which has a huge mouth and a voracious appetite that would swallow every thing, including the moon and the sun. This phenomenon is what we know today in astronomy as the eclipse. The Thais believe, that Rahu can be very helpful to a person encountering obstacles in life or going through a phase of bad luck. It is commonly believed, that a person will have bad luck or encounter obstacles when his Chinese horoscope clashes with that of the particular year. In the year of tiger for example, a person born in the tiger year is considered to have offended the TaiSui (Chinese) whereas someone born in the year of monkey is deemed to clash with Taisui, which is more detrimental. As Rahu is capable of swallowing every thing, placing a single-eyed coconut carved with Rahu in the house or wearing a Rahu amulet, would help appease Rahu. It is by paying respect to Rahu, Rahu will then readily devour all of your bad luck or even neutralise the bad luck and spit out good luck and fortune to you.

The talisman of Rahu Om Chan should be made out of a single-eyed coconut shell which is very rare and hard to find. Only this type of unique coconut shell will be used for carving the shape of Rahu swallowing the moon and sometimes the sun onto its shell.

The greatest guru of making Rahu Om Chan is none other than Luang Phor Noi of Wat Sisathong of Nakhon Pathom.

Rahu Om Chan is also a very good talisman for people who are born on Wednesdays, especially during the dark hours (night time).





Whole single eyed coconut Rahu
L.P.Noi Wat Sisathong


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