The Pond

» Our Mission

To design and build your dream pond that is clean and crystal clear with little need for maintenance and minimum operating cost.

To conceptualise and create a state-of-art water garden customised to your requirements.


» What we specialize in...

We aim to deliver a pond that goes beyond dressing up a landscape garden. We strongly believe that a successfully designed pond should be characterized by not only clear but also clean water. Backed by 25 years of experience, we specialize in the development of highly eco-filter system to enable the pond to self-maintain its clarity with little need for frequent change of water.

We have an aqua-technician who specializes in evaluating the requirements of the filter systems (based on volume capacity, number of fish to be reared etc) and customizing these requirements to individual ponds. Others in the team include experienced craftsmen and workers who will build the pond.


» Materializing Your Dream Pond

We are aware that the introduction of a pond into the garden environment is an important decision and your wrongful decision made at these early stages can lead to expensive errors and painful experience.

To assist you, we are now providing essential knowledge guiding you in considering all the options for the best result of your pond.


Filtration System
Water feature