Feng Shui
Art of Placement

» Introduction

Feng Shui is a great treasure in cosmology and metaphysics. It is an analytical system specially developed by scholars and court officials through a centuries old cumulative tradition based on meticulous observation and experimentation. The knowledge of Fengshui helps us to identify the ways in which the natural energy around us flows and how it affect us. This information is then used to establish favourable locations for human habitation and the auspicious confluence of forces for a healthy, conducive and harmonious living. This method of arranging one's life in accordance with the forces of the universe stretches at least 5,000 years back. It is a profoundly creative and intuitive art. But it is also a science, logic, with diagnostic equipment, mathematical formulae, specialized terminology and common sense. Here, I will guide you fully to utilize the laws of nature to exploit the potentials in your destiny and to avoid and minimize misfortunes.


» Clients From

Indonesia, Japan, Luxemburg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, USA


» Types of Consultation

Residential property
Commercial property
Land selection
House selection
Commercial property selection
Building a new property


» Contents of Consultation

A consultation consists of 2 parts:

  1. Checking of the proposed plan
    1. scale floor plan, site plan and layout plan of the property
  2. Personal visiting and checking of the actual site

The consultation provides the following valuable information:

  1. Property Appraisal (Favourable or Unfavourable)
  2. Interior Arrangements (Favourabe and Unfavourable)
  3. Exterior Environmental Settings (Harmonious or Discordance)
  4. Recommendations & Remedies
  5. Choosing of auspicious day and time for ground breaking, moving in and others


» Other Services

We have a dedicated team to design and build beautiful landscapes and ponds with eco system to harness positive Qi for beneficial Feng Shui.


» Payment

Consultation fee is payable on the day of the consultation. Payment can be made in either cash or cheque.