BiaGae - Mysterious Cowrie Shell 法贝

L.P. Boon Wat KlangBanKaeo

Cowrie or cowry shell is a very beautiful shiny tropical sea shell, it's humped back sometimes is decorated with spots like a leopard skin. During ancient time in China, South East Asia and Africa, it was commonly used as coin or money. The Thais called it BiaGae and used it instead as a talisman for protection. The arched back of cowrie is like a shield and therefore it is believe that it could bounce off evil energy, similar to tortoise shell was employed by Fengshui master in China for warding off bad energy. Mercury was also filled inside the cowrie, takrut then placed at the gap of the cowrie, and sealed tightly with special ingredients preventing it from leakage. Sometimes, it will be tied around with strings and painted with lacquer.

The wearer believes that he will be protected against:

  1. Black Magic
  2. Bad Luck
  3. Evil Forces
  4. Demons

Luang Phor Lod of Wat Nailong, Nakhon Pathom. Luang Phor Boon and his top disciple Luang Phor Perm both of Wat Klang BangKaeo, Nakhon Pathom. Luang Phor Pak of Wat Bot, Angthong, Luang Phor Come of Wat PoPlum, AngThong are the top makers of BiaGae.


L.P. Boon
Wat KlangBangKaeo 4cm

L.P. Pak Wat Bot

L.P. Perm Wat KlangBangKaeo - 3.5cm