About Me - A Glimpse of Simon Yong


» Academic Achievement

I was born in 1951 in the Republic of Singapore. The diverse local traditions and Chinese culture have since I could remember, held a strong fascination for me. In fact so much, that after graduating from one of the top colleges, I enrolled myself in the then Nanyang University - a university with a strong Chinese heritage. I graduated with a degree in Government and Public Administration.


» Career Front

This was followed by a 20-year career in the Police Force. I have been told that my analytical, observational and tactical acumen have landed me in the numerous special assignments. In mid 70's, I was invited to serve as senior security officer to the then Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. In the late 70's, I led a team responsible for curbing hell-riding activities. Then came my appointment as officer in charge of a Special Task Force Troop during which I conducted anti-terrorists and anti-riot training, to name a few of my assignments. In 1989, I was appointed as the Second-In-Command of the Singapore Police Contingent to UNTAG Namibia Peace Keeping Force to Namibia. It was the first United Nations mission for the Republic.


» Personal Front

At the personal front, things were far from a bed of roses. The early 1980's were turbulent years - death of loved one, betrayal by friends, failed business attempts... the list appeared to go on… There were times when I thought I would buckle. I sought solace in my travels. It was when serving as martial arts consultant in Taiwan that I got to know some renowned masters, and was intrigued by the art of fate analysis. Have you ever felt like there is a time for everything in life? Well, that was how I have felt then.


» Encounters with Fate Analysis

My affinity for Chinese culture, exposures to people from all walks of life in my unique career, turbulent but enriching life encounters all culminated in a thirst for knowledge in this ancient Chinese art. I have the honor to understudy from some of the finest masters. Now, after more than 20 years of research and numerous case studies involving follow-up of my clients, I am a firm believer that like weather forecasting, Fate analysis, Fengshui can help enhance the quality of life.


» Motto in Life

"All that is Given is not Lost
Think Good, Be Good, Do Good."



Media Coverage

Lianhe Zaobao - Cover Story 25-3-2007
Lianhe Wanbao
Download - Thailand Daily News



» Qualifications


  Bachelor of Arts, Nanyang University, 1974
(Government & Public Administration)
  Sr. Police Officer
Civil Defence Officer
Martial Art Instructor
Qigong Instructor
Chinese Tea Art Master
Fate Analyst
Special Skills:
  Crowd Control
Riot Control & Dispersal
Management of Emergency Situation
Body Guard Services
Designing and Building of Landscape & Ecopond
  Martial Arts
World Chinese Martial Arts Federation Black Belt 10th Degree
Advisor & Chief Instructor, Chinese Martial Arts Association of R.O.C.
Director of World Martial Arts and Physical Education Association, R.O.C
Advisor Kung fu, West Wind Karate Schools (USA, California)
Founder, Singapore Shaolin ChuenFa Association

Feng Shui
Consultant, City Auto Testing Centre Pte Ltd, Singapore

Buddhist Artifacts Advisor, SooBin Art Gallery, Singapore

Vice President, Wuyishan Tea Association, China

One-man Exhibition:
  Power of Charms (Buddhist auspicious objects), 1996, SooBin Art Gallery, Singapore
  The Buddha Images Of The Masters of Quarters No.6 Wat Rakang(English to Chinese)
Heart Sutra (Chinese to English)
Other Interests:
  Antiques(Chinese Archive Jade & Teapot)
Amulets & Talismans of Thailand
Stress and Mind Management
History China


« The Power of Kungfu
Taming the tiger (a formidable french opponent)
Sentosa Island, Singapore

Daring to Win »
Assault and Rescue Operations
during gunman & hostages's incident
Serangoon, Singapore
28 April 1991

« Meeting the President
The Elite of Elite

Dialogue with SWAT »
The American Police Elite Team
San Francisco, USA
May 1988

« Mission Impossible
Leading Singapore Police Contingent to its
1st UN Peace Keeping Mission in Namibia
International Airport, Singapore
6th May 1989

Security Guaranteed »
Prime Minister of Bahrain
Sept 1976


» Light Moments With World Leaders

President of Finland
Mr. Artisari

President of Namibia
Mr. Sam Nujoma


« Tao of Tea
At a public cultural exhibition
Penang, Malaysia

My Spiritual Teacher »
Late Abbot Wat Bankrang
Suphanburi, Thailand

« Exchanging Expertise
Mr.Payapkhamphan, Thailand Top Buddha Amulet Expert
Bangkok, Thailand